Inspiration: These impressions are primal. The songs and lyrics were inspired by life experiences, fellow musicians, family elders, a Greek poet, two Clydes (Stubblefield and Frazier), Sister Rosetta Tharpe, and some verses from the Bible. They say that it takes a lifetime to write your first album. In my case, they were not kidding.

Music Notes: I was born a 70s rocker but Berklee tried to turn me into a Jazzer. The product of that fusion, along with the influence of a plethora of amazing guitarists (Jimi Hendrix, Frank and Dweezil Zappa, Jeff Beck, Frankie Gambale, Teddy Kumpel, and Gabriel) and drummers (Clyde Stubblefield, John Bonham, Ryan Brown, Dom Famularo and Horacio Hernandez), this album is a product of a unique blend of rock, funk, jazz, and humor. Sprinkle in a few insights and opinions I have developed along the way, and you get Primal Impressions.