Backseat Diva


Music Notes
This beat was my first foray into using the double hi-hat technique, with my left foot strapped over both pedals (one standard and one remote HH), creating different open/closed HH sounds and syncopation. Keep an ear peeled for an FZ Easter egg. Hint; it has to do with sleepwear – found on the classic One Size Fits All album.

The amazing voice of Imogene was forged in steel while she was in the back seat of the family car with a Gen1 iPod loaded with show tunes. She would rip the lead lines of Disney songs while my wife and I were trying to listen to our favorite rock radio station upfront. We would holler back and tell her to shut up since she was singing in a different key! Needless to say, that is why her voice is powerful because she successfully outsang the radio even when we cranked it up!