Music Notes:
John Bonham had Moby Dick. The Sufaris had Wipeout. When Mongo rode into town on an ox, the film score accompanied him with an ominous plod. For some reason, my lefty brain heard something in 3. Once I stumbled across the wonderful performance of Horacio Hernandez at the 2011 Modern Drummers Festival, I knew I had to add MORE COWBELL.

The screenplay of Blazing Saddles was written by Mel Brooks and Richard Pryor, who was originally cast as Sherriff Bart. So the protagonist in the story was written from the perspective of Richard Pryor. A western black comedy was somewhat revolutionary for Hollywood in the seventies and made for some unique and hearty laughs. Mongo was an original character (played by NFL HOF Alex Karras) who was just a pawn in the game of life.